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Friday, April 9, 2010

House 2010

A Talk Business poll; conducted 4/6-7 by The Political Firm (R) (IVR); surveyed 472 Dem primary LVs; margin of error +/- 4.5% (release, 4/9). Tested: Rep. Berry ex-CoS Chad Causey (D), state Rep. David Cook (D), orthopedic surgeon Terri Green (D), businessman/educator/author Ben Ponder (D) and '06 LG candidate/ex-state Sen. Tim Wooldridge (D).

Primary Election Matchup
T. Wooldridge  18%
D. Cook 11
S. Bryles 9
C. Causey 9
B. Ponder 5
T. Green 1
Undec 47

A Talk Business poll; conducted 4/6-7 by The Political Firm (R) (IVR); surveyed 446 Dem primary LVs and 738 GOP primary LVs; margins of error +/- 4.6% and 3.6%, respectively (release, 4/8). Tested: Asst. AG John Adams (D), Rep. Snyder ex-CoS David Boling (D), state Sen. Joyce Elliot (D), Clinton School of Public Service official Patrick Kennedy (D), state House Speaker Robbie Williams (D), ex-U.S. Atty Tim Griffin (R) and restaurateur Scott Wallace (R).

Primary Election Matchup (Dems)
J. Elliott  21%
R. Wills 16
P. Kennedy 11
D. Bolling 7
J. Adams 4
Undec 41

Primary Election Matchup (GOPers)
T. Griffin  20%
S. Wallace 20
Undec 60

A Talk Business poll; conducted 4/6-7 by The Political Firm (R) (IVR); surveyed 600 GOP primary LVs; margin of error +/- 4.0% (release, 4/9). Tested: State Sen. Cecile Bledsoe (R), Rogers Mayor Steve Womack (R), '01 candidate/atty/ex-state Sen. Gunner DeLay (R), ex-DEA official Steve Lowry (R), businessman Kurt Maddox (R), ex-state Rep. Doug Matayo (R), Boone Co. Judge Mike Moore (R), ret. USAF Brig. Gen. Bernie Skoch (R).

Primary Election Matchup
S. Womack   21%
C. Bledsoe 17
G. DeLay 16
M. Moore 8
B. Skoch 5
S. Lowry 4
D. Matayo 2
K. Maddox 1
Undec 27

A Victory Comm. (R) poll; conducted 4/1-6 for ex-Charleston Co. School Board member Larry Kobrovsky (R); surveyed 500 GOP primary LVs; margin of error +/- 4.4% (release, 4/9). Tested: Kobrovsky, late-Gov. Campbell son/businessman Carroll "Tumpy" Campbell (R), Mount Pleasant Councilor Ken Glasson (R), ex-Cong. aide/'08 candidate Katherine Jenerette (R), businessman Mark Lutz (R), accountant Clark Parker (R), state Rep. Tim Scott (R), late-Sen. Thurmond son/atty Paul Thurmond (R) and Rep. Brown ex-CoS/Charleston Southern Univ. VP Stovall Witte (R).

Primary Election Matchup
C. Campbell   18%
T. Scott 16
L. Kobrovsky 10
P. Thurmond 7
C. Parker 3
K. Jenerette 2
M. Lutz 1
K. Glasson 0
S. Witte 0
Undec 40

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